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ESSAY PHY 2004 Spring 2011

ESSAY PHY 2004 Spring 2011 - PHY 2004 Spring 2011 Essay...

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Unformatted text preview: PHY 2004 Spring 2011 Essay Option for Final You may submit an essay instead of taking the final exam for PHY2004. It will count for 30 points and have equal weight as the three mid‐terms. Your best three scores of the three mid‐terms and the essay score will determine your grade. The essay topic must be relevant to the material covered in the class and it must be your original work. The essay is due by 5 PM on April 27 but you may submit it earlier. The topic must be approved in advance and no later than April 21. (Some possible topics are listed below but you may choose your own.) You may submit by email to [email protected] or hand in a paper copy at my office Rm 2235 before 5 PM April 27. The essay should be no less than 6 pages in length and no longer than 10 pages. You should include at least two equations and explain all terms in the equation. You may use any word processor but you must use 12 point font and single spacing. If you do not use Word please send the essay as a pdf file. The essay will be graded as follows: 10 points for scientific content and explanation of physics principles. 10 points for discussion iof application to real life situations. 10 points for writing (grammar, spelling, language) Possible topics: My experience of the importance of Newton’s Laws. Angular momentum in everyday life. Why are conservations laws so important? The role of physics in creating energy savings. Why is friction so important for living systems? ...
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