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Unformatted text preview: 1 PHY 2005 Spring 2009 FAQ Frequently Asked Questions or: Excerpts from email Below are some email messages along with my responses. Of course, all personal identi- fying information has been removed and I have made some editing changes to correct my grammar and spelling and to remove all appearances of texting abbreviations, which I cannot understand. An email from you similar to one of these, will probably result in a similar, if not identical, reply. If you dont get an email reply from me then check the last FAQ listed below for a possible explanation. A recurring theme in my replies to email is that I am really not interested in reasons why you were not able to meet various course requirements. With 200 students, I am overwhelmed with excuses of all sortssome are quite good and reasonable, other are pretty silly. But, it would take the wisdom of Solomon to assign some number of points to make up for your unfortunate situation. In my judgment, it is fairest to you and to all of the rest of the students who are responsibly able to meet all of the requirements of this course to assign grades precisely upon the total number of points obtained. A college education is the only consumer product for which the less the consumer gets the happier he is. Question: A friend in this class told me we dont have class on Wednesday and I was wondering if this is true? Answer: What a disappointment that would be for all of us! Im going to be there teaching as always. I cant imagine why someone would think otherwise. What are the tests like? Question: I was wondering if the tests in PHY 2005 will be more suited to lectures rather than the textbook or homework? Answer: I really like the way that I teach electricity and magnetism. My lectures focus on what I think are the important parts of the subject. The clicker quizzes focus on what I think are the important parts of the subject. And my test questions focus on what I think are the important parts of the subject. Question: Is there anything in addition to the homework sets that you would recommend us studying for the exam tomorrow? I am really not sure how else to study for this exam. Are there any book problems you would suggest we go over? We just dont know what to expect... Answer: To prepare for the test I suggest that you (in order): go over class notes, review all clicker quizzes, look at examples in the textbook, review the homework problems, read 2 sections of the text that are related to the lectures, and try to find additional problems from the book that involve the same subjects. In general a student who understands the homework problems and has been awake in class should do just fine on the test....
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This note was uploaded on 12/15/2011 for the course PHY 2005 taught by Professor Lee during the Spring '08 term at University of Florida.

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FAQemailExcerpts - 1 PHY 2005 Spring 2009 FAQ Frequently...

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