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Practice First Exam Spring 2000 PHY 2053 Bernard F. Whiting 1 A ball is thrown vertically down with a velocity of 2.5 m/s from the top of a building of height 210 m. Simultaneously, a second ball is launched upward from the ground at a velocity of 39.5 m/s. At what height above the ground will the two balls meet? 1) 125 m 2) 25 m 3) 75 m 4) 175 m 5) none of these 2 Hansel and Gretel leave home and go into the woods, travelling 1000 m at 37 ° N of W. They then run out of bread crumbs, and promptly get lost. After wandering for some time, it dawns on them to use the compass they have brought with them. They then travel 200 m due W and find themselves at the witch’s hut, which is 2 km N of the home from which they had started. How far, and in what direction, did they travel while lost? 1) 1.51 km, 35 ° E of N 2) 1720 m, 55 ° N of E 3) 1240 m, 53 ° W of N 4) 2000 m, S 5) 0.5 km, 37 ° S of W 3 Megan drives from Gainesville to Orlando at a speed of 120 km/hr, promptly turns round, and drives leisurely back to Gainesville at a speed of 80 km/hr. Find her average speed for the trip. 1) 106 km/hr 2) 100 km/hr 3) 112 km/hr 4) 91 km/hr 5) 96 km/hr 4 A plane starts from rest, and accelerates along the ground before take-off. It moves 600 m in 12 s. Assuming constant acceleration, find the speed of the plane at the end of 12 s. 1) 70 m/s 2) 100 m/s 3) 60 m/s 4) 80 m/s 5) 90 m/s 5 A speeding motorist travelling at 120 km/hr passes a stationary police officer. The officer immediately begins pursuit at a constant acceleration of 2.8 m/s
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prac_ex1 - Practice First Exam Spring 2000 PHY 2053 Bernard...

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