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quiz8 - perpendicular to the same changing magnetic field...

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October 22, 2009 QUIZ 8 Phy 2054/3808 1. Two singly ionized isotopes, X and Y, of the same element move with the same speed perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field. Isotope X follows a path of radius 3.35 cm while isotope Y moves along a path 3.43 cm in radius. What is the ratio of the two isotope masses, m X / m Y ? Solution: R = mv/qB and therefore m = qBR/v m X /m Y = R X /R Y = 3.35/3.43 = 0.977. 2. A 10-turn square coil of area 0.036 m 2 and a 20-turn circular coil are both placed
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Unformatted text preview: perpendicular to the same changing magnetic field. The voltage induced in each of the coils is the same. What is the radius of the circular coil? E = -NdΦ/dt and Φ = BA where B is the field and A is the area. All other things being the same, therefore the circular loop with twice the number of turns must have half the area. A = 0.018 = . π R 2 or R = 7.6 cm....
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