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1 Phy 3221 Due: January 19, 2011 Homework set # 2 You are encouraged and welcome to work together on the homework assignments. But your homework must be in your own handwriting. If you expect credit for your homework, then it is best to make it easily readable. Reading: Sections 1.9–1.13 Section 2.4 Problem 1: Find the minimum speed required to throw a snowball into an open window of a building. The window is a height
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Unformatted text preview: h above your arm, and the building is a distance d away from where you are standing. Hint: Check that your answer gives the expected result in the special case that h = 0, and in the special case that d = 0. If this problem is rather easy for you, then most likely you have made a mistake. Textbook: Prob. 1-24 Textbook: Prob. 1-27 Textbook: Prob. 2-14...
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