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1 Phy 3221 Ground Hog Day Due: February 2, 2011 Homework set # 4 Note: If the problem is an even numbered one with answers in the back of the book, then treat the problem as if you were asked to “show that” the answers in the back are correct. If you get to some point in a problem, where your results “don’t make sense” because some limit is odd or because the units are clearly wrong, then you will help your score if you point that fact out to me. It will not help your score if I have to point that fact out to you.
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Unformatted text preview: If you expect credit for your homework, then it is best to make it easily readable. Textbook: Prob. 2-38 Assume that x = 0, and that v = 0 when t = 0. Textbook: Prob. 2-39 Textbook: Prob. 2-40 Hint: First find the velocity ~v , then find the acceleration ~a , and then answer the questions. Textbook: Prob. 2-41 Textbook: Prob. 2-43 Note that x might be negative, and assume that at x = 0 the potential is U ( x = 0) = 0....
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