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hw11 - natively the equivalent system of equations(4.42...

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Physics 3221 Fall Term 2010 Homework Problem Set 11 Due Monday , November 29, 12:50 pm in class. (Remember, you can always hand it in early.) This is an extra credit homework assignment. Reading: Before you start working on this homework set, read sections 4.6 “Chaos in a pendulum” and 4.7 “Mapping” of Marion and Thornton. For the ±rst two problems you will need to use your favorite computer program to solve numerically the di²erential equation (4.41) for the nonlinear damped driven oscillator, or alter-
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Unformatted text preview: natively, the equivalent system of equations (4.42) and (4.43). Problem 1. Reproduce the results shown in Fig. 4-19 from Marion&Thornton, at least for the following three values of the parameter F : F = 0 . 8 , . 9 , 1 . 0. Problem 2. Problem 4-10 from Marion&Thornton. Problem 3. Problem 4-11 from Marion&Thornton. Problem 4. Problem 4-12 from Marion&Thornton. 1...
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