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Name or UFID:_____________________________ Friday November 9th QUIZ 8 (10 points) Read each statement in the table below and decide whether the statement is true or false. Indicate your answer by a check mark in the appropriate column next to the statement. True False 1. Consider ice and water in equilibrium in a container which is open to the atmosphere. The Gibbs function of the water, G w , must always be exactly equal to the Gibbs function of the ice, G i . 2. Consider a cylindrical container sealed at one end by a movable piston (the piston allows for smooth changes in the volume of the
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Unformatted text preview: container). The container is filled with an equilibrium mixture of a liquid and its vapor. A constant pressure is maintained on the piston and the container is maintained at a fixed temperature by immersing it in a thermal reservoir. The piston is then gently moved so that the volume in the cylinder decreases. a) The temperature of the liquid and the gas must increase. √ b) The total Gibbs function of the liquid and the gas will remain constant. √ c) The compressibility of the liquid/gas system is infinite. √ d) The expansivity of the liquid/gas system is infinite. √...
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