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QUIZ October 10th - calculating the work done by the...

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Name or UFID:_____________________________ Monday October 10th QUIZ 5 (10 points) Read each statement in the table below and decide whether the statement is true or false. Indicate your answer by a check mark in the appropriate column next to the statement. True False 1. During any closed cyclical process, the total work done by the system must exactly equal the total heat entering the system during each full cycle. 2. It is essential to know the specific heats of a substance when
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Unformatted text preview: calculating the work done by the substance during an isothermal volume change. √ 3. It is possible for a gas to do work in a process which is both adiabatic and isothermal. √ 4. The free expansion of a gas is a reversible process. √ 5. The Carnot cycle describes a heat engine which is capable of converting heat into work with 100% efficiency. √...
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