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QUIZ September 24th - unable to directly see how the energy...

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Name or UFID:_____________________________ Monday September 24th QUIZ 3 (10 points) Read each statement in the table below and decide whether the statement is true or false. Indicate your answer by a check mark in the appropriate column next to the statement. True False 1. The total work done in all adiabatic processes between any two equilibrium states is independent of path. 2. The internal energy of a system may be increased either by supplying heat, or by doing work on the system. If you were
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Unformatted text preview: unable to directly see how the energy was supplied to the system, it would be impossible to distinguish between the two processes (i.e. heat or work). √ 3. Dissipative work is path dependent, but configuration work does not depend on path. √ 4. The internal energy of a system, U , is an extensive state variable. √ 5. Heat is a property of a given system that is simply related to the temperature of the system. √...
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