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Name or UFID:_____________________________ Friday September 14th QUIZ 2 (10 points) Read each statement in the table below and decide whether the statement is true or false. Indicate your answer by a check mark in the appropriate column next to the statement. True False 1. The van der Waals’ equation can successfully account for the interactions between gas molecules which result in the phase transformation from liquid to gas.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Expansivity and compressibility are extensive quantities. √ 3. If a differential đ z is inexact, it can never be integrated. √ 4. If a differential dz is exact, integration of the differential around a closed (cyclic) path depends simply on the area enclosed by the path. √ 5. The pace of this course so far is too slow. 6. The pace of this course so far is just right. 7. The pace of this course so far is too fast....
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