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Spotted Owl Habitat Experiment 1. The two sample t-test was applied to each of the 7 columns containing data from random nest sites observations (30 observations) and from mature and old-forests nest sites (30 observations). Random observations were represented by a 0 and non-random observtions were represented by a 1. Conclusion: The two sample t-tests indicated that there was a strong evidence with a p<0. 001 showing that the percentage of area in old-growth and mature forests influences the selection of nest sites by northern spotted owls. 2. Assumptions: o Homogeneity of variances
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Unformatted text preview: o Independent (We are not sure about this assumption because we think that the measurements taken in each of the seven plots were based on the same 30 owl nests for nest sites as for random sites. If this is true then the variables will be dependent and the 2 sample t-test won't be applied) o Nonnality assumption 3. The violation of the independent assumption whould have been violated if the measurement were done on the same area for nest sites as for random sites. These percentage of area can overlap and therefore they will be dependent. The two sample t-test can't be used....
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