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Jaime Frade 589141124 Sta6206 Homework assignment 1 1. Classify the following variables: (a) The age of each person Quantitative, continuous, ordinal, ratio (b) The type of species of plants Qualitative, nominal, discrete (c) The height of palm trees in Southern Florida Quantitative, continuous, ratio 2. (Crayfish) Researchers want to investigate the abundance of Crayfish in the Northern Everglades. Crayfish are highly sensitive to changes in water depth. Develop a sampling design and data collection scheme to measure the abundance of Crayfish. At the same time, record the richness of Crayfish and water depth where the data is collected. Measure the abundance of the crayfish: Systematic sampling-Belt transect implementation Measure the water depth: Systematic sampling-line transect implementation Measure the richness of the crayfish: 3. (Butterfly population) Butterflies are closely linked with certain plants. Researchers like to investigate the abundance and richness of butterflies in Jonathan Dickinson State Park, located in the southern part of Martin County. The pine flat woods in this park
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STA6206-1 - Jaime Frade 589141124 Sta6206 Homework...

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