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hum lec6 - father to protect david o David protects...

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Biblical Values IV. Enemies Groups How to Treat an Enemy Joshua and the Kings of Ai Takes turn stepping on the necks of the kings then hangs him Moses and the Prisoners Deuteronomy’s Policy Revenge Rape of Dinah o Prince likes her so much he rapes her and then her two brothers seeks revenge Jacob and Esau o Jacob steals his birthright and his blessing so he is scared that Esau would kill him David’s Hit list o Gives his son a hit list to tell him to “get even’ with his enemies o Prizes honor, and dishonor is worst than death V. Friends David and Jonathan o Loyalty on both of them, strong obligation to protect the other one’s interest. o Jonathan’s father hates david, and jonathan risks his life and betrays his
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Unformatted text preview: father to protect david. o David protects Jonathan’s son after Jonathan dies o Jonathan’s son betrays David but he protects him anyway. • Hospitality o God and Abraham Abraham invites stranger into his house and prepares him a feast. This was how you treat strangers at that time The only good person in the city was Lot o Lot, the Angels, and the Sodomites City demands lot to give up his guests but instead he would rather offer his daughter • In Sum o The virtuous man is the man of generosity and hospitality but shows his enemy no mercy and will risk his life for it. o Avoids God’s anger, and avoid shame in the public eye...
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