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CS 135 Fall 2005 Prabhakar Ragde Assignment 0 (Not to be handed in) For this assignment, and only this assignment, you are permitted to work with other people, though you will gain the most benefit from doing it alone. The purpose is to familiarize yourself with DrScheme, and possibly with the lab environment. 1. If you are planning to use the Mac labs for doing some or all of your 135 assignments, find out from the course Web page when you are permitted to use the lab (when there isn’t another scheduled class in there), go in, and sign on. Your userid is your Quest/UWdir userid, and we’ll tell you in class about your initial password. Find DrScheme (the red and blue icon in the Dock at the bottom of the screen) and start it up. If you are planning to work on your own machine, download DrScheme from the following URL, install it, and start it up. In either case, choose the language Beginning Student.
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