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DrScheme Fall 2005 Prabhakar Ragde Documentation for the eztcp.ss Teachpack Language level : Intermediate Student. Teachpack : eztcp.ss The eztcp.ss teachpack provides two functions which allow for communication between pro- cesses running on different computers. This communication takes place through a numbered port. install-listener consumes a number representing that port, and a listener, which is a function which handles information coming through that port. That function consumes a Scheme expression and pro- duces true ( install-listener also produces true ). Every time information arrives on that port, the listener function is applied with the information as its argument. The information is interpreted as a Scheme expression, in the fashion we described in lecture when talking about node-labelled trees. That is, it is a list which can contain other lists, and the base types are number, symbol, and string. The second function provided by the teachpack is
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