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Benefits of the Family Medical Leave Act Instated in 1993, the FMLA allows Federal employees a term of up to 12 weeks of unpaid “leave” for various reasons such as the birth of a child; personal health conditions and the need to care for an ill family member. Upon returning to work, the employee must be returned to the same position they held before taking leave and they are entitled to the same salary and benefits they were receiving prior to their time away. Many times, other types of employment leaves do not allow the worker to take such an extended period away from the job however; the FMLA is unpaid time away whereas various other types of leaves compensate workers while they are away. In order to qualify for the FMLA, an organization must have at least 50 employees; other organizations most oftentimes allow employee leave with no set-amount of workers however, the time allowed away is not as extensive as that offered through the FMLA. (The American’s with Disabilities Act requires 15 employees while Worker’s Comp. only requires 1 employee). In
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