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Unformatted text preview: Axia College Material Appendix C Clarifying Personal Values Each of you will be faced with numerous moral and ethical dilemmas throughout your career. To be prepared to make these ethical decisions, it is helpful to clarify your personal values, and morals before you are faced with an ethical dilemma. Review the following list of values and create a list of the five values most important to you in making decisions. Acceptance Accomplishment Adventure Ambition Assertiveness Beauty Bravery Compassion Competence Conformity Creativity Customer Satisfaction Discipline Diversity Equality Fairness Flexibility Freedom Honor Humility Loyalty Obedience Order Power Promise Keeping Respect Responsibility Risk Taking Service Success Teamwork Tradition Trust Understanding Winning List of Five Important Values 1. Creativity 2. Loyalty 3. Trust 4 . Equality 5 . Diversity The commonality I see in the values I think are most important is they can determine a person’s character. If a person is loyal then they are also trustworthy. If a person has creativity, person’s character....
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xmgt216r2_appendix_c - Axia College Material Appendix C...

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