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Unformatted text preview: Grammar summary Lesson1 E.Hoshino 2010 Lesson 1 e • X e Y e Ø | Ö·, ª Non-past (long form) (short form) Past (long form) (short form) eX Affirmative e á * • ÌžÛ B Ø | ª· Ö sometimes dropped in spoken) Ø | ª ·Ö Ø | ª· Ö ž ,Ì•áÛ B / ee Negative X X µ used often |Ø , ª ·Ö f X¹ µ f X¹ µ Ø | ª· Ö , eeQuestion sentence /X X • X e Y e eX How to answer: e · Ö| ª Ø , e e |·Ø Öª , p s ¸ Ð ª , ª ¶ 3 P, ë X ¬| · Ö ª , explanatorye specificity — X µ f¹ main noun —ª · ¸ | some grammatical functions of e possession Ö| Ø · ª ee belonging Ö| Ø , ª· ee Relationship among ee X people location e ee (on the desk) apposition e ee (Ottawa, which is a capital city) Author/painter/writer Ö| Ø , ª· ee (Shakespeare’s work) • • X ee e e|ØÖ·ª , How to answer:· Ö| ª Ø , e · Ö ª Ø| , grade e |Ø , ª ·Ö Yrs old e |Ø Ö · ª Time ª · |Ø Ö fµ ` ¹ ª , fµ ` ¹ ª , fµ ` ¹ ª , ee WH question sentences part is sometimes dropped in spoken. Ðn YE Ðn YE Ðn YE ...
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This note was uploaded on 12/01/2010 for the course C JAPA taught by Professor Ekio during the Fall '10 term at Carleton CA.

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