midterm-2011 - Math 371 (Fall 2011): Midterm Exam 13...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 371 (Fall 2011): Midterm Exam 13 October 2011 Name : Q1 20 points Q2 20 points Q3 20 points Q4 20 points Q5 20 points Total 100 points 1 1. (20 points) Answer each of the following questions briefly. (a) For scientific measurements, which of relative error and absolute error is more important? (b) In double precision representation of floating point numbers, what is (the base of the number system)? If the base of the double precision floating point system is assumed to be 10 (which it is not), what is the approximate value of k , the number of digits of precision? (c) Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting is faster than Gaussian elim- ination without partial pivoting. True or False? (d) On a typical modern laptop, it takes about a minute to solve a 1000 1000 linear system of the type Ax = b . True or False? (e) If a matrix can be multiplied with itself, it must be square. True or False? (a) Relative error. If we know that a quantity has been measured with 3% accuracy we know something about the measurement. On the other hand, if we simply know that the absolute error in the measurement is 3 mm, we know virtually nothing about the quality of the measurement....
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midterm-2011 - Math 371 (Fall 2011): Midterm Exam 13...

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