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Convert electrical energy to mechanical energy Transfer mechanical energy Transform mechanical energy Generate controlling signal: Fill in with more detail for project report Generate motion path Control energy conversion Limit motion icontroll er isensors IH- bridge VH- bridge Icontro ller Vcontro ller Imotor Vmotor Tbe lt w belt Tmoto r w mot or Tmot or w mot or TLink age w(t) heat friction heat i: information V: voltage I: current F: force friction friction F (6 DOF) F (6 DOF)
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Unformatted text preview: F (5 DOF, 1 free) F T: torque ϖ : angular velocity DOF: degrees of freedom Q (t): angle as a function of time Backpack holder Backpack holder Updated 9/12/11 Functional Decomposition for Mobile Backpack Carrier isensors. Auxiliary Functions: Fill in with more detail for project report Signal position information: Fill in with more detail for project report isensors. I V Θ(t) Θ(t)...
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