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Hypothesis Testing HypothesisTesting Null Hypothesis Test statistic Formula Normal: z Normal: z t statistic: t Sign test binomial Normal: z Paired t Mann Whitney U test Normal: z t statistic Normal: z F distribution ANOVA Kruskal-Wallis Note: Pls refer Complete Business Statistics by Amir Aczel & J. Sounderpandian pg - 295- 352 for further reference Non - parametric test: these are used mainly when population distributrions are not normal Testing hypothesis about population means Ho: μ = or > or < specified value i. σ (x bar - μ29 / σ/√ n ii. σ (x bar - μ29 / σ/√ n Ho: μ = or > or < specified value population is normal but σ is not known (x bar - μ29 / s /√ n Testing hypothesis about population proportions Ho: p= or > or < specified value i. If binomial probabilities can be calculated i.e. n, the no. of trials & p probability of success should be given; sample size should be ≤ 500 P (X = x) = n c x .p x .q n-x
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