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Running Header: UNIT 6 PROJECT 1 Tosha Collins Kaplan University HR400 Employment and Staffing Unit 6 Project Professor Walters 11/29/2011
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Running Header: UNIT 6 PROJECT 2 Hiring Manager (HM) Good morning. You: Good Morning, How are you today? HM: I am glad you could join me today. I see from your resume that you have experience in this industry. Tell me how your past work experience at Lowe’s has prepared you for the position here at Home Depot. You: I have worked Lowe’s for 5 years now in house wares as a supervisor for second shift. I have strong knowledge in Microsoft Office and I am able to communicate well with employees. HM: Working at night is a bit different than working in the daytime. Describe some work experiences you have had while working at night that demonstrate the difference between nighttime and daytime work. You: During daytime hours, the consumers are our customers. During the night, the employees are our customers. The atmosphere is a lot more busy since there are no customers in the store. Stocking and moving the product around in the
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