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ToshaCollins_Unit 7_project - supervisory experience Mr Doe...

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Running Header: UNIT 7 PROJECT 1 Tosha Collins Kaplan University HR400 Employment and Staffing Unit 7 Project Professor Walters 11/30/2011
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Running Header: UNIT 7 PROJECT 2 Interviewer’s Notes Lowes House wares for 5 years Nonexempt employee Reason for leaving “no opportunity to grow” Night shift supervisor Direct supervision of others Returns and Credits to vendors Capable of handling employee conflict Degree from Kaplan Performance appraisals Terminations Training of subordinates Can handle diversity. Summarizing Statement This position calls for an exempt status night shift supervisor. The applicant should have retail business experience, preferably in house wares, and at least some
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Unformatted text preview: supervisory experience. Mr. Doe has had 5 years of employment as a supervisor in housewares at Lowes. Mr. Doe is capable of handling employee conflict, as well as diversity. Mr Doe just obtained his degree from Kaplan in Business Administration. Knowledge of vendor returns, credits, terminations, and supervising nonexempt employees. Reason for leaving “wants the opportunity to grow.” Running Header: UNIT 7 PROJECT 3 References Arthur, Diane. (2006). Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees. 4th ed. AMACOM: New York, N.Y....
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