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IB 200 12/14 Concluding lecture True/False examples: Accounting standards are NOT fairly similar in the measurement or and accounting standards applied to economic data. Most global mergers and acquisitions do NOT survive and produce value for investors. IMF’s SDR is made up of Yen, Euro, Pound, and Dollar. B of P position is a core element to Porters national competitive advantage diamond. “Noise” means the extent and type of other competing sources of marketing/promotion messages in the local environment. Size of the US economy is 14 trillion and the size of the total is 57 trillion. Concluding notes: New media is helping people realize the differences in the world and while globalization has some down sides it is a good thing and something we should promote.
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Unformatted text preview: More people are being lifted out of poverty and overall less income inequality. However within a country the income gap is rapidly growing and is creating divides. Time’s person of the year is the global protester this year. Technology is replacing humans and they are growing which is making people feel left behind. Credit markets need to develop and the foundation for that to happen is beginning to happen. It will have a powerful effect of the structure of the economy. Lack of leadership Governance challenge – IMF, EU, World Bank, etc. How can we consume things that give more value? Ex: extra space in homes do not create enough value and are not worth it, there are better ways to spend money...
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