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Dis. Section 301 11/01/11 McDonald’s UK Ad Who is the targeted consumer? - general public - based off the ad they are targeting married, older couples who understands and finds humor in how frustrating a wife/husband can be - since they don’t show the product and really only show the brand they are targeting people who are already familiar with their product and McDonald’s brand What benefits does the product satisfy? - benefits are not very clear unless you have already tasted and are familiar with McDonald’s products - hunger? What is central message about the product/brand being communicated? - that McDonald’s is so desirable even fish want it it implies it is a great tasting product that is in high demand and desired by all How is the message similar to or different from the ideas you hold about this
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Unformatted text preview: product/brand in your home market (in the US, or another country)?-they used a different jingle -same logo-different bag (much larger than the bags shown in the US)-same overall concept and market On the globalization/localization (standardization/adaptation) spectrum, where do you think the product/brand wants to be positioned?-while McDonald’s generally takes the localization approach in their menu choices, this ad is very similar to a US ad and therefore in their marketing scheme I feel they fall more closely to globalization Which of the elements of the "4 marketing Ps" are addressed in the ad?-Price: NO-Product: YES-Placement: NO-Promotion: YES...
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