spanish empire - The Spanish Empire History 1043 Medieval...

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Unformatted text preview: The Spanish Empire History 1043 Medieval to Early Modern Europe European communities Europe is a continet of communities by 700 ad they settle down in agricultural communities and they are not nomads anymore and they hate the dipxis because they are nomadic. Live in villiges 500 people in the communities you see similarities. They stay in the same place and share ideas about life Feudalism, Catholicism Political feudalism becomes the number one politcal and economic ides:a system of land usage.and grows of primital nations.a leader and all of them the leader claims the land they take the leader gives some piece of land and the leader lets you use the land and they pay rent for the land.landlord The leader appoints people to contro the other people. Creating a class authority. Become the nobility. The leader is the judge and they send people to beat him up 2.reason roman catholic church different roman worthship other gods but when the christan when the threating the jewish authority and the roman authority and went underground and get stronger the roman dont care if they dont challenge them 312 ad the roman emperor constatin comverged to christianity and people abandoned their belief. The christians are contradictory and called the bishops of the church and told them what christian is and for one year they come up with approve books to read and the other are bad and they put the bible with the stories . And he ifluence is moving and he created a single curch and the roman crushes but the curch is still the same and they conbined that with their beliefs and is the dominant religion by 1100 europe is a christian community. The Plague By about 1340 the population expanded incrase pressure for everything and the cruzades 400ad -800ad dark ages and late and equally Bubonic plague kills a 3 rd of poplutation destroys europe and the pleage dont care for race shakes their faith Hows going to work the land And to see whos is going to take their places the poplulation build afte the pleage Emergence of nation-state Moder europe instead of having communities selfgoverneting they think about spanding and primarily warfare Warfare & consolidation Larger scale warfare and seek to dominate their rivals .they expand and tell their leader die or join the leader.the leader expand and several 1,000 people and created a laege die or join the leader....
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spanish empire - The Spanish Empire History 1043 Medieval...

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