Compromise%20to%20Secession%20long - 48 anniversary almost...

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Unformatted text preview: 48 anniversary almost president Kennedy was assassinated Turkey Sectional Crisis From Compromise to Secession Overview they won the Mexican war but lead to consequences some things some familiar The issue of slavery Reality, not abstraction their daily reality up for debate the central issue is slavery the expansion of it. Number of slaves increased after the revolution slavery expanded to the entire depth south. They can expand or not people take this seriously Threatens definition of basic values the definition of America reach a point this will have monumental consequences as being under threat they use the same words but they mean something else freedom equality. N: The majority makes the rules and the free labor a free person choose what to do and slavery violates that Perverted America. S: minority rights southerners are the minority. Property rights slaves are chapel property southern states slaves are property slavery should be permitted the issue was the expansion Political Issue was expansion, not morality Allowed slavery but or not and who has the power to allow slavery or not antislavery is not the same as blacks they tolerate slavery but the don’t like slavery but they don’t want them to be equal to them they are not abolition who has the power to make this decision The Compromise of 1850 Issue is slavery example the slavery question becomes politicalizes California don’t want slavery 1846 wilmot proviso said no land from mexico wil have slavery becomes controversial issue Election of 1848...
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Compromise%20to%20Secession%20long - 48 anniversary almost...

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