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Virginia History 1043 Timid Beginnings The last of European nations on colonize European rivalry Takes place in European rivalry mid 1400 Portugal then Spain economic and political power changes the Atlantic coast in Europe everybody motivated to colonize Spain vs. England Main rivalry gets intense Spain becomes the most wealthiest nation in Europe different politically: Spain absolute monarchy he rules England 1215 the king has to much power and people wants to be equal magna carta his power is limited the have a parliament controlling him. Economically: Spain land ownerships are controlled by novelty. England is concentrated by novelty but they own the land an sing they borrow the land if you own land you can vote Religiously: German Luther protestant reformation and demanding reform on church practices and follow him and Christianity Spain remains with church England have a lot religion and henry becomes divorced not jet give him a son trade her for a new wife and he ask for a divorced and henry denies the authority of the church and makes a new religion and protestant is the new religion he runs the church the head and church an state is the same time make divorce illegal. Ferdinand is angry at England for divorcing his daughter Elizabeth doesn’t care she favor both Christianity and protestant they don’t have the army and the support of the queen. They are going to steal Pirates of the Caribbean Privateers that they own a ship and whatever they can make them money they explore the new world and Elizabeth tells them to go to Spanish ships and colonies privateer and pirates they keep 75% percent England steal from Spain Motivations They things is a good idea to colonize after all Elisabeth not give money to colonize Enclosure consolidates land 1580 raising sheep and sells their fur they don’t have home and unemployment they raise sheep’s go to the city and crates homeless people and inflation and all the wealth from Spain and they bid for the food afford the things and prices are getting higher and create social changes Social changes  They beg steal drink a lot late 1500 and early 1600 they get drunk and angry becomes other have money crime rises your respect for authorities Ireland
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Elisabeth finally try to colonies and start close to home instead close to Ireland go to Ireland and settle that land and make it for England and the land you conquer is yours and jus pay taxes to the crone the make plantation colony. Roanoke
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Virginia-1 (1) - Virginia History1043 TimidBeginnings The...

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