Massachusetts - Massachusetts History1301 NewEngland 1620...

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Massachusetts History 1301 New England 1620 different group of English people and creating a new colony new England Religious turmoil Takes place England Anglican church: Church of England most English embrace them and other don’t small number persecuted some of them think they should change it more and they are angry because they made the Anglican church part of the taxes go to the church. They thing the Anglican church are to catholic and they want to change it, makes them targets they are willing to take the chance they need to purify the church they started to call them puritan but they are proud to be puritans are persecuted 1610 200 puritan families they flee England and go to Holland the Dutch Pilgrims 1620 merchants in the town of play month they want to separate them self from England the king grants permission they hire 100 and half of them were puritan they sail in the main flower go around Delaware captain is a business man and he made a lot trips and they are not went of course the puritans pay the captain to take them there 6 weeks William stop for supplies in play moth rock they spotted some buildings and not people out the woods and speaks English and Squanto and the started the colony half of them died first winter 1621 200 people came to the new world they have the thanksgiving not all of them were puritans the main flower compact first example of democracy in America so it is the 2 example of self-government but first with gather people. The Indians were the first to do thanksgiving 1862 fourth Thursday thanksgiving violated their terms and wanted to be free separated from England pilgrims=separatists creating something new and go to 1624 the people save money by out the investors no they rule and every family gets land landowners get here and get land and soon as they get here more wide spread they never et by colony 7000 natural increase Puritans Puritan movement growing stronger they want to make another colony Charles said sure
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Massachusetts - Massachusetts History1301 NewEngland 1620...

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