Crises%2520with%2520England - Crisis with England History...

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Unformatted text preview: Crisis with England History 1301 I. Planting the Seeds of Crisis England and North American countries controlled the basin England and France England in the process world wide empire Australia china one piece of the English empire Early 1700 origins of the revolution trying to manage 13 colonies between England misipretatcion mistrust the other side is going to screw them Mercantilism first seeds of the crisis mercantilism a country has a favorable balance of trade sell more than you by fro other people one of the key components a mother country need to have colonies to increase wealth territories colonies are suppose to have raw material for not individual identities position of the mother country wealth and not allowed to sell to other countries Navigation Acts Trade regulations in 1651 the navigation act: stuff produced only can be sold in England.2 old good can be shipped only in En proces world wide empire Australia china one piece of the English empire glish ships and other to buy products goods from other country and not make certain stuff not restricted them to make stuff late 1600 and 1700 spain becomes minor and England France and Netherlands fighting the fights were to control Europe the action is a sideshow the war is I Europe French & Indian War territorial claims spain and france have more territories but they cant controlled all of them and England was compact so they were more Fur were the 1 thing the Europeans liked and French controlled the fur trade 1750 england invade new france transpasing France makes forts and French army and England bring their army and fight for the territory The war starts in America then spreads to Europe and is become the 7 years war and in American the French and indian war Control of N.A. they are fighting for control and they seek to push the other away for the first time the colonies have common porppuse After the war they find out the have similar goals the alveny plan of union Benjamin franklin and he said join or die they did realized they need to work together and helped fight the French send letter corporation it was short lived the war 1763 and the England and france signs a treaty and france loses its new world position England in control of majority of n A and unchallenged . france is pissed France driven out England realized the whole empire thing the imperial organization is driving by the parliament runs England accruing world wide empire parliament 1663 get serious and makes set of rules for the colonies and central control from the colonies now they are adoption Spanish control pass along the proclamation Imperial Reorganization Proclamation of 1763 draw a line they prohibit settlement in New France and the Indians wants their land back and recognized them and prohibit English...
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Crises%2520with%2520England - Crisis with England History...

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