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Enlightenment and Awakening

Enlightenment and Awakening - Enlightenment&Awakening...

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Enlightenment & Awakening Colonial Counterculture I.  The Enlightenment Later in the colonial period, by 1700 or 1750 are much different secure,dominant and more like england cultural convergence new ideas take root long term effect capitalism,republicanism evandualism emerge and more people uses tis ideas set the base or chapter 6 enlightment is intellectial movment mid 1600 follow up to the renissance refrered to the age of reason enlightment is a new way of thinking of humanity and long term effects Rationalism rejection of traditional sources of athority of belief instead is a secular aproach to  learning to stretch heman understanding knowledge was the key in european  society and the educated people know how to read and write and they think you  should obey them the nobility  Embodies reason, natural law logic base your knowledge o facts not on tradition they think with logic  an not with god  Natural law verything is governed by natural laws we use he laws and we can make it useful power to know an act the universe is knowable Science
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