The American Revolution

The American Revolution - History1301 americas vs americans...

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The American Revolution History 1301 important event in human society  americas vs americans world war political revolution social economic etc. . I. America's First Civil War  civil war pits americans vs americans  worst things In the war groups of  americans attacking the  Patriots:wigs The come from any class rich poor they are the most radicle eyes and seek the largest change and manority actively support the independence is 1/3 of the population criticall mass there the ones republicanism no need of the king statues quo Patriots are conservatism unentitione twistive the conservative preserve the status quo but they don’t like it Loyalist:remain loyal to england continue the status que short change in american history they are losers similar to patriots parliament to not to rule them the difference if indepence are not need it 20 to 33 % oppouse to revolution recent emigrats how long mayflower prationism black slaves american independence disconect Indians:not passive powns side with the british with english population protect them better side with british or are neutral euroke play one side or the other colonial rebellion separete identiti corrupt emperial regime Loyalists and British Sympathizers The Opposing Sides  british and americans  Army vs continental army Americans Advatages Mobilise people better 20000 arms to fight the british patriot as 110 % to the cause loyalist 20,000 More people Emotional factor protect your home Geographical advantage patriots know the land better compases are rare British Advantages
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Largest navy and army and battle tested Powerful in europe grater man power Greater finantial and resources money to fight this war America Disadvantage Only a third does no support this and friends and neighbors keep looking over the shoulder not unified Finantial problems economic boycott and severe our trade and repace with england very little cash continetal congress struggle and not getting paifd ammuniition and not buy the stuff hard to keep the army in the field Poorly trained fight when is need it local Washington is can he keep the guys holding the rifles and doesn’t belive he cant British Disadvatage 13 of their 40 colonist are rebellin can focus putting them and keep the other pdefent itself against other people because france spain england long suply lines ligistical problems orders delay of 6 to 18 weeks to attack keep their troops feed and british taring to put down a colonial rebellion reconsilation posible they can win and be happy again limited on how much force they can use they use their disadvantage use advantage Military forces
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The American Revolution - History1301 americas vs americans...

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