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Before Columbus-2 - ThefirstAmericans BeforeColumbus...

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The first Americans Before Columbus History 1301 Who are the Indians? Migration Theory Bearing bridge Sea bed that connects Asia and America and went back and forth 12,000 years ago the earth climate increases the bridge didn’t connect anymore they can go east or go south because they couldn’t go back and forth . Asian nomads travel in clan about 30 or 25 people. Possible water and pop along the coast and the sea rise and hide evidence. Give us basic facts about American history Cultural Diversity 1492 Columbus gets here and the population is the same as Europe and American people is spread out and Europe pack together 2,000 district cultural Indians all of the Indians are not the same. 1. Multiple diversions Diffusion 2. Over time and space the groups left apart other stays up or go down and lose contact between each other and alter their culture speak different languages Environmental factors 3. The environment force them to change things or allowed them how they do things Will shape their culture some hunt other fish agriculture it depends on the environment. Have some similarities if you can do ne thing you the other task that is
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Before Columbus-2 - ThefirstAmericans BeforeColumbus...

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