The Industrial Revolutions

The Industrial Revolutions - Pass:Texas...

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Pass: Texas The Industrial Revolutions History 1043/1053 social and economic in the north contrast between the two  Economic issues transportation market industrial revolution all part of industrial revolution manufacturing Social themes social reform temperance movement women’s rights movement Agricultural Columbian exchange industrial revolution\ Industrializing process of economic development characterized by mechanization specialization and/or rationalization intent to increase productivity and wealth Development machines to supplement human labor specialize only the things people what to buy 3 rationalize make your production efficient as you can 2 tent to confuse manufacture with industrialization Nothing to do with technology America at the Dawn of the IR 1790 the US feals the impact 1890 we are a indrustialized nation in it change peoples lifes more than the american revolution. Poor transportation very difficult to move people and products to point a to b.  Very few roads  unpaved full of rocks muddy no street signs  hard to do business long distances and is expensive and  cheaper to transport extremely slow  Poor communications no cell phones no tv information circulates orally printed  materials very slow wait to get letter limits economic growth   Poor energy sources animal power draft animals natural energy sources work for  you live y the river and limit where they lived Industial revolution relied on wood swithc to coal limit economic growth Scarce labor supply 1number 1790 only 5 million of Americans spread out in 
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North America. Small population labor is a commodity labor 
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The Industrial Revolutions - Pass:Texas...

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