The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson - The Impeachment of...

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The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson Article II Sec 3 The constitution. The president must “ enforce the nation’s laws.” After the civil war Reconstruction. Johnson made a career of battling the popular will. A poor white, a runaway tailor’s apprentice, a self-educated Tennessee politician. As senator from Tennessee he braved social ostracism and threats of assassination and discharged his duties with boldness and efficiency. He did not understand the northern mood in 1865. For four years the northern people had been whipped with propaganda tales of confederate atrocities. Other Notes Andrew Mellon favored the tariffs. The Stimson Doctrine was specially aimed at Japan. During the 1920s, appointees to federal regulatory agencies were generally pro-business. The 1922 Four-Power Treaty committed its signatories to respect one another’s interests in the Far East. The primary causes of the Great Depression were the economic dislocations resulting from World War I. President
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