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DEPARTMENT OF SPORTS ADMINISTRATION OHIO UNIVERSITY SYLLABUS COURSE TITLE: ECON 318 Economics of Sports Schedule: T-Th. 8:10 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Gerard A. Akindes OFFICE: Copeland 232 OFFICE PHONE: 597-2113 OFFICE HOUR: T – Th. 10 a.m -11 a.m Other times by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to examine major economic issues in the sport industry and introduce the methodology of economics that can be used to analyze these issues. CREDITS: Four (4) hours credit PREREQUISITE: ECON 103 and ECON 104 COURSE PURPOSE AND LEARNING OBJECTIVES As a result of taking this course, the student would be able to utilize methods of economics analyses to explore economic issues in the sport industry, and would be able to obtain an understanding of how economic phenomena affect sport participation and behavior. More specifically, through the course study, it is intended that the student should be able to: describe how markets operate; explain the profit maximization theory and its application in the sport industry; use the methodology of economics to analyze issues in the sport industry; analyze the economic impact of sports events and establishments on the society in general and on a local community in particular; depict the characteristics of the market for labor in the spectator sport (demand and supply); explain the roles of government in regulating the economic environment of the sport industry; explain how the sport industry works under various economic systems; 1
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COURSE OUTLINE (Subject to modification) Chapters and Topics Proposed Schedule Week 1 Introduction Sept. 6 An overview of the Sport Industry in North America (Chapter 1) Sept. 8 Week 2 Basics of Economic Analysis (Chapter 2) Sept. 13 Demand, Supply and Pricing in the Sport Industry (Chapter 3) Sept. 15 Week 3 Market Structures in the Sport Industry (Chapter 4) Sept. 20 Oligopoly and the Sport Industry (Chapter 5) Sept. 22 Week 4 Sport Industry Delivery (Chapter 6) Sept. 27 The Sport Industry: A Critical Center of Economy (Chapter 7) Sept. 29 Week 5 Mid term Oct. 4 Economic Impact of Sport (Chapter 8) Oct. 6 Week 6 Economic Impact of Sport (cont.) Oct. 11 Labor Market Issues (Chapter 9) Oct. 13 Week 7 Antitrust Issues in Sport (Chapter 10) Oct. 18 Regulation of Sports (Chapter 11) Oct. 20 Week 8 Economics of Media Oct. 25 International Issues (Chapter 12) Oct. 27 Week 9 Future Direction of the Sport Industry (Chapter 13) Nov. 1 No Class – Work on Research paper and Meetings Nov. 3 Week 10 Class Presentations Nov. 8 Class Presentations Nov. 10 Final Exam Nov. 16 - Nov. 22 INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS Classroom lectures and discussion Reading, assignments and projects INTERNET/WEB-BASED LEARNING AND INSTRUCTION A web-based teaching and learning component has been incorporated into the course
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ECON_318_Syllabus_Fall_2011 - DEPARTMENT OF SPORTS...

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