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Essay Extra Credit - Collin Baldwin October 20, 2011 Econ...

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Collin Baldwin October 20, 2011 Econ 318 Student Athletes getting paid or not? The argument on rather college athletes should get paid or not is an ongoing controversy that has been discussed for years. Each side of the argument is going to have their reasons on why these athletes should or shouldn’t get paid. The people that are on the side of paying the athletes have the disputes, which include these athletes generate the school revenue, the scholarships that they receive don’t cover all the expenses of living in college and they are limited to or restricted from getting outside jobs to make more money. Universities like Texas, Ohio State, and Florida are example of schools that have successful athletic programs year after year. At times there will be schools that only have good basketball teams or football teams and that’s it. Ohio State is a school that is successful in most of their athletics, which helps with generating the school revenue. They sign top recruits in a number of their sports and get a lot of production out of these recruits. In an article by Rod Gilmore he brings up a great point that coaches are receiving more money then most of the professors. For example he states, “You can't possibly convince me that Charlie Weis is worth more to Notre Dame than Brady Quinn” (Gilmore). These top programs are paying the coaches their fair share; the athletes that go out there day after day deserve something as well. Along with not getting paid, these
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Essay Extra Credit - Collin Baldwin October 20, 2011 Econ...

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