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I. Intro II. Three main points a. Analyze what lead up to the lockout b. It’s current state c. How the new agreement will affect the future of the NBA III. Former Collective Bargaining Agreement a. Six year agreement signed in 2005 b. Salary Cap at $49.5 million c. Teams would know the luxury tax at the beginning of the season for the first time d. Teams couldn’t exceed the payroll or they had to pay dollar for dollar the amount exceeded. IV. NBA was losing money since the 2005 CBA came in to effect a. Lost over $1 billion b. 22 teams out of 30 lost money last season V. Revenue splitting one of the main issues in which both sides are struggling to
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Unformatted text preview: agree on. a. Under former CBA: players earned 57% of all basketball related income b. BRI includes: merchandising, parking, concession stand fees, tv contract income and advertising revenues. c. Leagues wants to scale back the player’s percentage in the new agreement. d. Players are fighting to keep the percentage high VI. Owner want to have a team based salary cap a. Even playing field b. Smaller market teams can compete with the higher market teams c. Trying to negotiate a 50-50 split...
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