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chap4 Compound and bones - Chapter 4 Compounds and Their...

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Chapter 4 Compounds and Their Bonds 4.1 Multiple - Choice Questions 1) The number of valence electrons found in an atom of a Group A element is equal to A) its atomic number. B) its mass number. C) its group number. D) eight. E) eight minus the group number. Answer: C 2) Valence electrons are electrons located 3) In an electron - dot structure of an element, the dots are used to represent 4) How many valence electrons are in the electron - dot structures for the elements in group 3A(13)? 5) The number of electrons in the higher energy level of nitrogen is A) one. B) two. C) three. D) four. E) five. Answer: E 6) The number of electrons in the higher energy level of carbon is 7) Which of the following is the correct electron - dot structure for carbon? 8) The octet rule indicates that
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9) In ionic compounds, ________ lose their valence electrons to form positively charged ________. A) metals; anions B) nonmetals; cations C) metals; polyatomic ions D) nonmetals; anions E) metals; cations Answer: E 10) How many electrons will aluminum gain or lose when it forms an ion? 11) What is the symbol for the ion with 19 protons and 18 electrons? 12) To form an ion, a sodium atom
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