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CIVE 281 ANALYTICAL MECHANICS Assignment No. 9 1. A 10-kg uniform disk is placed in contact with an inclined surface and a constant 11 N m couple M is applied as shown. The weight of the link AB is negligible. Knowing that the coefficient of kinetic friction at D is 0.4, determine ( a ) the angular acceleration of the disk, ( b ) the force in the link AB . 2. A uniform sphere of radius r and mass m is placed with no initial velocity on a belt that moves to the right with a constant velocity v 1 . Denoting by μ k the coefficient of kinetic friction between the sphere and the belt, determine ( a ) the time t 1 at which the sphere will start rolling without sliding, ( b ) the linear and angular velocities of the sphere at time t 1 . 3. A uniform rod of length L and mass m is supported as shown. If the cable attached at B suddenly breaks, determine ( a ) the distance b for which the acceleration of end A is maximum, ( b ) the corresponding acceleration of end A and the reaction at C . 4. A drum of 10.2-cm radius is attached to a disk of 20.3-cm radius. The disk and drum have a total
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