Soci final - Deviant Behavior Final Exam Fall 2011...

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Instructor: Dr. Daniel Moorehead Chapters Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) After committing the violence, most abusive husbands 1) A) do not admit guilt. B) freely admit guilt. C) go to jail. D) undergo counseling. 2) Child molesting is considered a form of rape because 2) A) the victims are under the control and supervision of the parents. B) most parents who engage in these activities are sick perverts. C) the victims are too young to give their consent. D) it is the same as raping a woman. 3) Which of the following is one way rapists attempt to determine the vulnerability of their victims? 3) A) approaching a woman on the street and asking for directions B) gathering a gang of friends together and grabbing a victim off the street C) joining health clubs and becoming friendly with members D) asking a woman out on a date and drugging her 4) According to research, children who have been abused 4) A) are likely to suffer severe problems later in life. B) may or may not suffer continual problems, based on the individual. C) are unlikely to suffer continuing problems later in life. D) seem predestined to become child abusers themselves. 5) Men who have lost control of their lives due to poverty, unemployment, drug abuse or alcoholism are 5) A) less likely to become abusive husbands. B) usually too depressed about life to act in a violent way. C) more likely to become abusive husbands. D) just as abusive as men who have control over their lives. 6) Most evidence about the impact of capital punishment on murder rates supports the conclusion that capital punishment 6) A) is an effective deterrent to murder. B) greatly increases the number of murders committed. C) has greatly deterred murder in other cultures but not in America. D) is not an effective deterrent to murder. 7) All of the following are true about incest, except that 7) A) incestuous fathers are more isolated from others outside of the home. B) young victims of incest usually forget about the past and lead normal sexual lives as adults. C) there is no significant difference in incest rates among social classes or racial and ethnic groups. D) stepfathers are much more likely than biological fathers to commit incest. 1
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Soci final - Deviant Behavior Final Exam Fall 2011...

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