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________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 5.36 Lecture Summary #5 (shortened) Thursday, March 5, 2009 CI-M assignments : The first draft of your mini-review is due today. Prior to the March 10 th CI-M lecture please read: Gorre, M. E. et al. Clinical Resistance to STI-571 (STI-761 = Gleevec) Cancer Therapy Caused by BCR-ABL Gene Mutation or Amplification. Science 293 , 876-880 (2001). The article is posted on steller. Next Laboratory Session: #9 Topic: Site-Directed Mutagenesis and Transformation Overview of what you’ve completed in Module 4 and what will come in Module 5: Module 4 (Sessions 1-8) Expressed H396P Abl(229-511) in BL21-DE3 expression cells Purified, dialyzed, concentrated, and quantified your expressed protein Visualized the purified H396P Abl(229-511) by SDS-PAGE gel analysis Isolated wt Abl kinase domain vector DNA for mutagenesis in Module 5 (and checked for the expected insert by restriction digestion)
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