April 11 material 11.45.23 PM

April 11 material 11.45.23 PM - Romanesque Art and...

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Romanesque Art and Architecture (Western Europe) Romanesque Architecture “A Fitting Palace for the Kingdom of God on Earth” By the time of Charlemagne (800 A.D.), a new style of architecture was being developed, known as Romanesque. The term Romanesque was first given to this type of architecture in the 19th Century due to its similarities between the barrel vault and the Roman arch. Church buildings, art, and sculpture, were all used for the purpose to spread the Christian Gospel. During this time in Europe there was a very large interest in religion. Large numbers of people traveled on pilgrimages to visit sites of saints and martyrs. People believed that holy relics had the power to do miracles. The routes to the more famous holy places became very well traveled and required larger buildings to hold the large crowds. The basilica style church could not hold the large crowds, which were coming. They began to build churches in the shape of the Latin cross. The pilgrim would enter the church through the nave. They would then come to the area known as the crossing, which was under a groin vault , where the vaults of the nave and the transepts would intersect. The relics of the church would be held and displayed in the area of the high alter. The pilgrims would be allowed to view the relics from the ambulatory , which allowed for a good traffic pattern for these large crowds. The more famous the relics a church held, the larger the crowds it would attract. The new churches were being built in this manner because they had stone roofs. The earlier basilicas used timber (wood) framing because trees were abundant. The problem is that the roofs didn’t last. They would catch on fire or rot. It wasn’t until the vault system that architect could use stone roofs.
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The architects also wanted to get away from using wood for the ceilings. They began to use stone ceilings on the new type of churches. Barrel or groin vaults were used in the ceiling. The stone was supported in the middle by the arch construction but
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April 11 material 11.45.23 PM - Romanesque Art and...

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