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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 13: DNA Structure and Properties Reading Assignment: Chapter 37, pgs. 402-411; Harper’s Biochemistry (25th edition). Objective: To understand the chemical interactions that take place between two complementary DNA strands and the implications those interactions have on the dynamics of this complex biomolecule. I. Properties of DNA A. Molecular weight B. Double stranded 1. Base pairing 2. Base stacking 3. Complimentary strands 4. Antiparallel strands C. DNA can be denatured 1. Hyperchromic effect 2. Tm 3. Effect of G-C content on DNA denaturation D. DNA can be renatured 1. Effect of time, conentration and complexity on renaturation E. General forms of a DNA helix 1. A form 2. B form 3. Z form Clinical Applications: The basic concepts of DNA base pairing interactions forms the basis for DNA replication, transcription, and molecular diagnosis of a variety of diseases. ...
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