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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 17-18: Control of Transcription - Procaryotes vs Eucaryotes Reading Assignment: Chapter 41, pgs. 468-487; Harper’s Biochemistry (25th edition). Objective: To understand the different forms of gene regulation in procaryotic and eucaryotic cells. I. General characteristics of gene expression A. Dependent control B. Transient control C. Indefinite control II. Regulation of procaryotic gene expression A. Operon model 1. Regulator gene 2. Operator site 3. Structural genes B. Attenuation 1. Typical of bacterial operons controlling amino acid biosynthesis 2. Dependent on coupling of transcription and translation in bacteria III. Regulation of eucaryotic gene expression A. Transcriptional control mechanisms 1. Steroid hormones as regulators of gene expression a. General structure B. Post-transcriptional control mechanisms 1. RNA processing 2. RNA transport 3. RNA stability 4. RNA translation ...
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