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Week 5 Apply Assignment 1.This problem-solving application profiles electronics retailer Best Buy. The entrance of Amazon and Walmart into the online resale marketplace gashed Best Buy’s instore sales. When you couple that with inefficient processes and procedures at the organization, and scandals with senior leadership, the organization really was in dire straits. Organizations such as Circuit City, CompUSA and RadioShack could not survive their problems, could Best Buy? In came new CEO Hubert Joly and CFO Sharon McCollam. They are now in the middle of the many challenges Best Buy is facing and need to find solutions to these major problems. 2.Some of Best Buy’s internal issues could best be addressed by ______ - participation/suggestions by employees 3.If Best Buy chose to compete by introducing online sales direct to the consumer, this would be an example of ______ change - adaptive 4.Which type of analytical framework could help Best Buy develop a strategic plan? - swot analysis 5.
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