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Summary Of Palin - moments, as evidenced on her face. She...

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Lee, Jordan 9/3/08 5° Econ/AP Gov Papa Summary Of Palin’s Speech In Palin’s speech tonight, she basically struck back at all her critics. People who had no faith in her because she is from Alaska, where problems are not as constant as they are with the other 49 states. One thing I noticed was that she barely said anything about her pregnant daughter or her son with Down Syndrome. I see this as a weak point because she knows that this is a weakness that she has and even she is afraid to address it in concern over how people would react to it. Though in the brief periods where she did mention her son, it was welcomed with ovations. One thing I liked about her speech was that she attacked the point of her not being as qualified because she is from Alaska. She brought up various examples showing why she is more than capable of handling all the duties and responsibilities. She did not really use any rhetoric, and when she tried to lighten the mood, her attempts often failed and lead to some awkward
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Unformatted text preview: moments, as evidenced on her face. She also was not able to control the crowd when they both cheered and booed her comments. When she addressed her personal life, she was very reserved in that she didnt really go into detail, but rather just skimmed the surface. She surrendered enough information so that people were satisfied, but not enough information to really do anything with. Which is what I guess she was going for anyways. She does come off as humble though, when referring to her previous experience as the mayor of a small town in Alaska, saying that she was just your average hockey mom who signed up for the PTA. In saying this, she is trying to get people to go onto her side, trying to use pity so that people will show sympathy for her and give her their support. In conclusion, I found that when McCain surprisingly joined Palin on the stage, it added to the effect of her speech, that he would help her during her own speech, something that she did not even do for him....
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