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James J. Braddock - heartwarming way he still did the exact...

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Lee, Jordan 5/31/08 2° AP US History Jung James J. Braddock Should he be remembered? I think not. In the movie Cinderella Man, James J. Braddock is a washed out boxer who revives his career in the Great Depression. He eventually works his way up to number one and his family prospers. In my opinion, James J. Braddock should not be remembered, he is not the only feel good story of the Great Depression, there were many other people who like him, worked their way out of the depression. Few people anticipate the stock market crash in the fall of 1929. 1 So when it hit, everyone was devastated. Some people sent their kids away, others kept their kids in hope of finding success and being able to support their family. Unfortunately, most people were not able to live through the depression and sadly perished. Others, like James J. Braddock, found ways to get money and keep his family going, no matter how he did it. Even though he did it in a
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Unformatted text preview: heartwarming way, he still did the exact same thing as someone who did not do it the same way —pull their family out of depression. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you did it. And James J. Braddock helped his family out of depression just as much as the other family. If anything, James J. Braddock will only be known because he had a movie written about he and his family. In conclusion, I do not think that anyone should be commemorated or praised individually for helping his/her family out of depression. If someone wants to celebrate one person who did it, then they should celebrate them all, because they all did the exact same thing. James J. Braddock should not have any more praise than anyone else who did the same thing. 1 Gary Nash et al., eds., The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society (New York: Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc., 1998), 792...
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