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Lee, Jordan 5/24/08 2° Jung AP US History Crimson Tide Crimson Tide was a movie based upon Russian civil war. In fear of nuclear warfare, the submarine USS Alabama, commanded by Commander Hunter, with XO Ramsey is sent out. But, due to a misunderstanding, Hunter and Ramsey fight for command of the submarine. Tensions run high when the launch message is received, but then is followed up by an incomplete one. Hunter wants to launch, while Ramsey wants to wait for a confirmation. The conflict escalates into mutiny as Ramsey and Hunter fight for control of the Alabama's nuclear missiles. The fear in the book is over nuclear warfare. If they shoot their nuclear missiles and it turns out that Radchenko (the antagonist) has bluffed, then the US would have nuclear warfare on their hands. But if Radchenko had already fired his missiles, and the Alabama was still waiting for a confirm to fire, then by the time they get the confirm, it’d be too late to execute a
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Unformatted text preview: preemptive strike. That is the conflict in the movie. In the book, the US was more concerned over what the Soviets aimed to do, as they formulated their own goals after WWII. During the war, the Russians had played down talk of world revolution, which they knew the US found threatening, and as the struggle drew to a close, the Soviets still said little about world conquest. This fear is valid because the USSR and US were allies during WWII, and had supported each other throughout. If the USSR did indeed plan on world conquest, then they would turn in to enemies, and start another war. When the US knew of the Soviet’s intentions, they declared a cold war, where they executed several plans including the Truman Doctrine, The Marshall Plan, NATO, and NSC-68....
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